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Use the power of Atomz to search the Planet Botanic website for information on specific herbs or specific diseases. For example, if you enter the words ‘Liver Disease’ you will get results from our website that include information on Liver Disease.

Please Note: As we are a volunteer run organization, we are using the ‘free’ search facility provided by Atomz. As a result, searches are limited in function and search results will contain any and all pages on the site that contain the keywords you enter.  If you know the herb name that you are searching for, another option is to begin by visiting our ‘Herb Fact Sheets‘ section, where the herbs are listed alphabetically.

Another handy tool created for our site is the ‘Match-a-Herb‘ matrix, where you can look up information relating to a herb or ailment by clicking on the various body system headings. For example, clicking on the Immune System heading would take you to a page where we list herb fact sheets pertaining to that system.

A lot of Planet Botanic visitors ask where these herbs can be purchased. At the moment, we are not selling any herbal medicine products. In general we refer all queries to Gaia Garden Herbal Apothecary, based in Vancouver, Canada. Their website is listed and while you cannot yet purchase their products online, they do provide a mail order service and carry many herbal tinctures, balms, creams, essential oils, teas and other related items. They are highly recommended by us here at Planet Botanic! Tell them we sent you!

If all else fails, and we’ve frustrated your search more than helped you, please send us an e-mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!