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Here are some books we highly recommend having in your herbal library, for reference or for pure enjoyment…  Please note that we use Amazon as our bookseller. As an Amazon Associate, we only get a small commission on sales that are referred from Planet Botanic – but every dollar helps towards the expense of running this website. Thank you for supporting us.

A Compendium of Herbal Magick

The most comprehensive and all-inclusive book on the magical and religious uses of herbs ever published.


330 herbs covered in detail with over 100 illustrations, by the author of The Master Book of Herbalism (40,000 in print).

Uniquely designed to bring the reader or the researcher wonderfully complete information on a vast variety of herbs.

“One of the most beautiful books on incense available…” Drawing on folklore and wisdom from teh cultures of Japan, India, the Pacific, and the Americas, Incense brings the richness of past traditions to the here and now. Discover how incense can bring energy, focus, or relaxation to your world. You’ll also learn about the flowers, herbs and oils that go into incense and the accessories available to help you further enjoy healing and restorative rituals.

A Natural History of the Senses

Rekindle your sense of wonder – you know, the one you probably lost when you moved into the teen years.  Ever heard a song or smelt a perfume that took you suddenly and unexpectedly back to another time and place?  Ackerman’s book is a beautifully poetic exploration of the human senses – one that will truly keep you stopping to smell the roses as soon as you are into the first chapter. This is a life-changing piece of work that helps you anticipate moments of sensation in every level of your day to day life. Planet Botanic Canada highly recommends this book, as a treat for the brain and soul.

Gerard’s Herbal

For the serious herb enthusiast – a huge book full to the brim with amazing illustrations of the time. This is the 1633 edition revised and enlarged by Thomas Johnson. Containing almost 2,850 plant descriptions and 2,705 superb illustrations, Gerard’s Herbal is a monumental work, the book all modern English herbals are derived from, and the one herbal every serious enthusiast should have in its entirety. Original editions are worth perhaps $750.

The Amazon site lets you look inside the book to see closer views of images, table of contents etc. A visually beautiful book, great for the coffee table and as a home reference guide.

Midwest Book Review

This encyclopedia of aromatherapy presents the latest scientific research about aroma’s effects on the mind and body. This title goes beyond listing aromas for specific ailments: it tells how to mix oils for massage, how to understand herbal mood enhancers, and how to review the information on aromatherapy and personality. An essential handbook. Excellent reviews available to read on Amazon – Just click the link to the left.

With much sassy humor, anti-aging guru Dr. Michael Roizen and celebrated heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz give a guided tour of the body’s anatomy and major systems (hormonal, nervous, digestive, sensory, etc.) including plenty of fascinating trivia along the way. How often should you get your thyroid level checked? How much gas does the average person produce in a day? And, most important, how many times a year do most people have sex?? Drs. Oz and Roizen know. They also reveal plenty of bizarre (and potentially life-saving) facts such as this: If your earlobe has a prominent vertical wrinkle, it’s likely that your arteries are aging faster than they ought to be. If only 8th-grade health class had been this fun.

The docs’ main goal in presenting all this info is twofold: first, it’s your body, so shouldn’t you finally learn how it works? And, second, they want to help teach ways of preserving the body’s health and youthfulness. To that end, they’ve included an “Owner’s Manual Diet,” a 10-day menu plan designed not for weight loss, but to make you feel “years younger.” Its simple recipes are each meant to benefit a certain body system, such as Tomato Bruschetta, packed with the antioxidant lycopene, which has been proven to boost immunity. –Erica Jorgensen