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Gourmet Tea Infusions from Vancouver-based Planet Botanic Canada


Here are some of our most popular tea blends. You can read further information on certain ingredients by clicking on the Planet Botanic Fact Sheet links found after the tea descriptions.

There’s a hot tea trend running about Europe and N. America these days. That is the creation of tailor-made tea blends by independent tea companies. Planet Botanic also specializes in the creation of tailor-made blends. We can provide in bulk – you choose the ingredients, or we do, based on information provided by you. Use the e-mail link above to contact us for more information on how you can have your own tailor-made tea blend.

Damascus infusion was blended with the ancient crossroads of Damascus in mind, mixing South African rooibos with Brazilian roasted mat̩, Peruvian cocoa, Chinese ginger, Mekong cinnamon, Madagascar black pepper, Indian chai and European calendula Рdelicious and warming.

Purple Dragon infusion blends black and red currant with natural essence of caramel, rooibos, Tibetan lavender, Chinese ginger, sweet orange peel, cornflower and calendula. This is dessert in a cup!

Duke of Earl is a sensation of mixed Japanese sencha, Chinese green & white teas, Thai lime leaf, French lavender, Egyptian lemon, Thai lemon grass, natural essences of vanilla, lemon, tangerine & bergamot – zesty aromatherapy in a cup! Perfect for sipping over a morning view of your Empire’s tea estate!
Two Mint tea is a lip-smacking blend in which we’ve doubled up the mint! We took our peppermint and combined it with spearmint and African honeybush for a smooth and sweet taste you will especially enjoy after a full meal. Peppermint and spearmint are both known for their digestive qualities, whereas honeybush is an anti-oxidant rich herb known to pack a punch for the immune system.

Planet Botanic’s Fact Sheet on Peppermint – Click Here

Organics Information: *Certifying Body: Washington State Department of Agriculture, Certificate #: 98605

Blue Buddha infusion is a soothing blend of Bulgarian mallow flowers, Chinese ginger and Tibetan lavender designed to help bring some peace of mind in an anxious world. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is the Blue Buddha that offers the elixir of life which heals all illness. We can’t promise that our Blue Buddha will do the same, but it’s a year-round comforter that will help you relax, which some say is the beginning of all healing. It’s ingredients also help to calm an upset tummy, and aid in tackling headaches head-on…

Planet Botanic’s Fact Sheet on Lavender – Click Here

Planet Botanic’s Fact Sheet on Ginger – Click Here

Pink Lemonade herbal tea is a delicious, citrus infusion of Thai lemon grass, European lemon balm, Egyptian lemon peel and Bulgarian hibiscus, designed to help battle the sniffles, aches and pains from cold and flu, or to be enjoyed as a bright, no caffeine alternative. We’ve added the hibiscus for two reasons. It’s reputed to be an effective detoxifying agent, and it’s what makes the fun, pink colour!

Planet Botanic’s Fact Sheet on Lemon Balm – Click Here

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