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April 2009

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Vitamin D in a New Light

Purple Power – Eggplant for Blood Sugar

6 Reasons to Drink Green Tea

Breathe Easy With Apples

Not Your Average Nut

Almonds: Give Me Some Skin

Can’t Live Without Chocolate?

Chocolate for Blood Pressure

The Healing Power of Spices

Cinnamon – More Reasons to be Merry

Ginger and Other Cancer Fighters

Green Tea Reduces Heart Disease Risk

Chocolate Set to Conquer the Health Food Market

Honey Bee Good – Choosing the Right Kind of Honey

A Berry Good Thing – Strawberries

Mango Salsa for Young Lungs

Protect Your Pancreas with Artichoke

Fiery Peppers May Prevent Cancer

Pomegranate Pointers

A Berry Good Memory

Curry Fights Prostate Cancer

St John’s Wort ‘Better Than Drugs For Depression’

A Pinch of Spice Helps Keep Drivers Alert

Dark Thoughts

A bit of dark chocolate may do more than just tickle your taste buds.

Alternative Medicine: Why so popular?

by Hans R. Larsen, MSc ChE

Hibiscus helps reduce heart disease

Survey of Canadians shows broad acceptance of herbal supplements

Racketeering Lawsuit Filed Against Aspartame / NutraSweet
From Dr. Betty Martini

Dark Chocolate Helps Blood Flow, Scientists Find


A Square Of Chocolate A Day Could Keep The Doctor Away
By Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor – The Independent – UK


Using Natural Remedies in the Treatment of Emotional and Mental States

by Gayle Eversole, DHom, PhD, CRNP, AHG

Herbs for Detox

An excellent article written as an introduction / overview to using herbs for detox

by Meg McGowan

January 2001

Basil & Thyme Essential Oils Combat Foodborne Bacteria


Garlic Ingredient Wipes Out Hospital Superbugs In Tests
By John von Radowitz, The Independent – UK