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Health becomes more of a prominent issue for all of us with each passing day. Though Planet Botanic is mostly about using herbs to accent our health, herbs are only one way in which we can supplement our diets and health regimes. There are other easy-to-use alternatives which can help improve our health. Herb teas, infusions, essential oils, incense, meditation, massage and creativity are some of the topics we at Planet Botanic wish to address. More importantly, we wish to shed light on the ‘facts’ about using herbs and other alternative treatments. Our desire to uncover the facts has led to a five year mission (actually it’s ongoing) to research, compile herbal facts and then attempt to ‘consumerize’ them into herbal fact sheets. We hope you find them useful.  Enjoy your time at Planet Botanic and feel free to drop us a line with thoughts, suggestions or just a hello! Visit our contact page in the site for details.

Planet Botanic Canada aims to provide trustworthy and reliable information regarding the use of herbs for health and happiness. Searching the Internet and other sources for accurate information on herbs can be trying to say the least. There are many websites and many shops to offer you assistance. Sadly, many of these do not approach the subject of herbs seriously, or do not have qualified staff and as a result freely hand out herbal ‘disinformation’.

How can we assert that our information is reliable and trustworthy? When you follow the 3 Step program, it’s not that difficult. Herbal practitioner & Ethnobotanist Douglas Schar shows us that each herb should undergo a 3 Step process that includes researching its historical use, its scientific components and how they work in the body and finally, its modern day application and opinion by practitioners.

Please note that any information provided on this site is not meant to replace the prognosis, diagnosis or prescription of your health practitioner. Check with your practitioner before embarking on any herbal or alternative treatment regime.

When used wisely, herbs can make a real difference!

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Easy Homemade Ginger Ale


ginger08 Next time the summer sun has you wilting like a lettuce leaf, skip the store-bought sodas and cool off with this delicious drink: homemade ginger ale. 

In addition to being refreshing, the ginger brings health benefits. It’s thought to soothe upset stomachs as well as achy joints. Here’s how to make ginger ale from scratch.

Homemade Ginger Ale
“For those who suffer from motion sickness or common, garden-variety nausea, ginger is a gift,” writes Ellen Michaud in The Healing Kitchen. Ginger also may aid digestion, according to Michaud. Here’s Michaud’s ginger ale recipe:

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The History Of Naturopathic Medicine

Not to be confused with tree-hugging, Naturopath Winnipeg refers to a style of medicine steeped in the philosophy of treating the individual with the disease or disorder, not just their illness. Though the natural power of the world is utilized, there is also usage of the mind/body connection. The primary focus of naturopathic medicine is nature’s healing powers, which means it can also provide alternative cancer treatments.

Scientific Research on Long-Term Effects of Medical Marijuana Use

Medical cannabis is becoming more widely available in an ever increasing number of countries around the world. With more people using Toronto medical marijuana, a number of different questions regarding the long-term consequences of its use are becoming more prevalent.

How Skin Care Supplements Work

Although you can’t prevent yourself from getting older each day, there may be ways to keep yourself looking younger than your biological age would suggest. One such strategy is to use skin care supplements that may be able to make your skin firmer and prevent other signs of aging. How do these supplements work?